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Profile of the Chair

Over the past two decades the technological evolution - among other factors - had and still has an impact on the progress in business informatics research. Both universities and economic practice promote this evolution. In the context of digitizing value chains, the interdigitation of information and object expands which demands an increase in the integration of domain and application system. Thereby, it is of importance that the independent examination of application systems for fulfilling business requirements becomes obsolete as entrepreneurial activities are progressively infused by application systems.

Nevertheless, the implications and consequences that arise from the use of information technology are barely analyzed and results are rarely translated in practical lines of action. From time to time, the analytics of cause-effect relationships is lacking; the corresponding thoughts on profitability in theory (that result in effect-defective decision models) remain empty. The situational effect of application systems demands a broad empirical basis to formulate generalizable cause-effect relationships. As a result, pragmatic recommendations fail due to a lack of in-depth knowledge about cause-effect relationships.

This is precisely the point where our Chair researches either on its own or with partners from practice to set new priorities. In Germany, expertise about operating large application systems in business practice is not pronounced in this form by any other professorship. At the same time, we suggest that the digitization can be a major part of Business Informatics.

Buch "IT-Systeme wirtschaftlich verstehen und gestalten" erschienen!

Ab sofort ist das Buch "IT-Systeme wirtschaftlich verstehen und gestalten. Methoden - Paradoxien - Grundsätze" von Reinhard Schütte, Sarah Seufert und Tobias Wulfert erhältlich. Das Buch kann begleitend zu unserem Mastermodul "WIWIT" von den Studierenden genutzt werden, um detailliertere Einblicke in die in der Vorlesung und Übung vermittelten Inhalte zu bekommen. Darüber hinaus ist das Buch aber nicht nur ein Lehrbuch, denn es wird ein neuer Ansatz für ein holistisches Wirkungsmanagement in Unternehmen entwickelt.

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Geplante Änderungen im Modul Enterprise Systems

Die geplanten Änderungen im Modulhandbuch WI B.Sc. (u.a. die Aufwertung von Enterprise Systems von 3 auf 6 Credits) treten erst zum WS 2023/24 in Kraft d.h. im Sommersemester 2023 wird Enterprise Systems wie bisher für 3 Credits angeboten. 


Prof. Dr. Schütte and the research assistants of the IIS-chair offer the following consultations for the students

Professor + Research assistantsDay of the weekTime of day
Prof. Reinhard SchütteThursday11:45 am - 12:45 am
Marek HolzeThursday2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Michel MuschkietAccording to agreement 
Anika NissenAccording to agreement 
Sarah SeufertWednesday10:00 am - 11:00 am
Felix WeberAccording to agreement 
Mareen WienandAccording to agreement 
Tobias WulfertMonday11:00 am - 12:00 am

Please announce your participation in a consultation briefly by mail. Thank you!

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